5 Reasons You Should Never Be Sorry for Your Cannabis Use

What is this, the 1940s?!

Long gone are the days of heavy stigma. Cannabis is as normalized as enjoying a glass of wine or a cold beer.

So why do some people still feel that they need to hide their cannabis use from the world? Here are 5 reasons why you should never have to apologize for loving weed.

1. You’re an adult and shouldn’t have to apologize for doing whatever you damn well please with your own body and mind.

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Ultimately, this is the only reason you would ever need to justify not needing to apologize for cannabis use. Your body is your temple and you are the gatekeeper, inviting cannabis in at your own will. This is never something to be ashamed of, and if anyone ever tries to make you feel bad about that, well, they are probably one of the people who could benefit the most from a blunt to the face.

2. It’s medicinal, and if even if you’re using it recreationally, it’s significantly less harmful than alcohol is.

Doctors Orders - Doctors Orders blogs - adult-use cannabis

When was the last time you googled the medical benefits of cannabis? Because I can assure you that list has probably grown since the last time you saw it. People suffering from Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, cancer, interstitial cystitis, and many others have reported serious relief after self-medicating with cannabis.

3. It’s legal for medical and recreational use in the great state of California.

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It’s hard to feel justified when you’re doing something illegal, but lucky for us Californians, guilt about breaking the law when it comes to cannabis use isn’t really a problem. Adult-use recreational cannabis is legal and so is medicinal, so whatever floats your boat is alright in the golden state!

4. Everyone you know probably smokes weed too.

Doctors Orders - Doctors Orders blogs - adult-use cannabis

A big reason why you shouldn’t need to apologize for your cannabis use is that, well, everybody’s doing it. You’d be surprised how many CEOs, lawyers, parents, doctors, artists, educators, and more are all dabbling in their own cannabis journeys. Cannabis is for everyone.

5. It’s not hurting anyone and it may even help you to be a better person.

Doctors Orders - Doctors Orders blogs - adult-use cannabis

If it helps you to be a more joyful, appreciative, patient, and loving person, we think you are every bit as justified to enjoy cannabis. Some people celebrate life by going on a hike, by hanging out with friends, by sipping on a glass of wine, or puffing on a joint. And if you’re awesome, you’re doing all of those at once.

Life is too short to apologize for choosing to enjoy life the way you want to. We believe that life should be celebrated. What’s your favorite adult-use cannabis product to celebrate with? Let us know in the comments section below.

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