CBD Sacramento: 6 CBD Products You NEED To Try if You Live in Sactown

What’s up, Sac! Looking for the best CBD Sacramento has to offer? You’re not alone!

The secret is out about the healing benefits of CBD, so we wanted to share some of our favorite CBD products with you.

And remember, if there’s no THC in the product, it won’t get you high. So if you’re looking for your next buzz, we recommend a few different products that pack a little bit more of a punch when it comes to getting high. 

Still here? Great! Without further ado, here’s some of the best CBD Sacramento has to offer!

1. CBD ProTabs from Level

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This futuristic, efficient, and easy-to-use CBD tablingual from Level comes in many options for many experiences. But some of our favorites are the purely CBD and CBD-rich tablinguals. These products are called Remedy, Calm, and Morning. Remedy provides a barely-there high, as it’s mostly CBD rich, and has been known to ease mental and physical stress. Calm provides a non-existent high for ultimate relaxation. And Morning also provides a non-existent high and is designed to help you start your day off on the right foot. These options have all the CBD Sacramento wants and loves.

2. Petra Citrus CBD Mints from Kiva Confections

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Another microdosing favorite is the CBD Citrus Mint from Kiva. A delightful combination of tart and sweet, these CBD mints are as tasty as they are helpful. There’s 2.5mg of CBD per mint which means that these are perfect for microdosing. If you’ve never tried CBD before and want an option that’s discreet, portable, and yummy, look no further.

3. CBD Vanilla Bean Mini Cookies from Korova

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Speaking of yummy options, if edibles are your go-to, don’t miss out on these simply sweet mini cookies from Korova. Each cookie contains 15 mg of CBD with no THC, which means a hearty dose of CBD with none of the mind-altering effects that THC usually provides. This product is perfect for anyone looking to explore CBD…and a good excuse to have a cookie or two.

4. CBD Gummies from Kushy Punch

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Have a craving for a fruity flavor when it comes to your edibles? Lucky for you, CBD edibles come in many flavors and options! And this one from Kushy Punch is one of our favorites. Their classic peach flavor for CBD gummies gives YOU the power to decide your dosage. One container has 100mg of CBD. So take just one serving for 10mg, take 5 for 50mg, or take the whole package for the full 100mg. This is entirely up to you, at your discretion. But if you’re new to CBD, we recommend taking a single serving, and wait to see how you feel until you eat another. But might be tempting, because they’re so dang tasty!

5. CBD Transdermal Patches from Mary’s Medicinals

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Stick it on, and forget about it. That’s how easy it is to try transdermal CBD patches from Mary’s Medicinals. These award-winning patches come in discreet 2×2” squares that adhere easily to any veinous part of the skin. But the best part about these patches is that they provide 8 to 12 hours of unsurpassed systemic relief! Bring on the CBD with transdermal patches that don’t quit!

6. CBD Capsules from Delta9

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Want a little side of THC with your CBD? With these super easy capsules from Delta9, you can have it all. Each capsule contains 30mg of CBD with 5mg of THC so you can enjoy a substantial amount of CBD with a tiny bit of a high. If you have any body pain, this may be your new go-to product as the synergistic properties of CBD and THC together are on a whole other level.

Looking for a way to enhance your after-work relaxation routine? Try CBD!

Want to get a unique gift for a loved one for the holidays? Try CBD!
Want to justify eating 10 cookies in one sitting? If they’re CBD-infused, you have a great excuse!

Whatever your reasoning is, come by Doctor’s Orders to check out our wide selection of CBD products. 

We have all of these products in-store now, but come by soon! Because these popular products tend to fly off the shelves faster than we can say “cannabidiol”. Want to know if we have your favorite product in stock today? Give us a call at (916) 564 – 2112 or check our online menu to see our current selection.

We’re excited to see you at our dispensary soon!