4 420-Friendly Fall Blogs You Need to Read Before Winter

We’re in mid-fall right now, but have you truly lived it up this season?

We want to take care of our awesome customers. So we wanted to make sure that you’re getting the most out of autumn.

We’ve put all of our favorite cannabis-infused fall blogs into one place so that you can get inspired!

Want to read about how to be as comfy as possible? We have a blog for that. 

Cannabis strains that pair well with the season? We have a blog for that. 

Cannabis strains for (next year’s) Halloween? We have a blog for that. 

Date ideas for cute stoner couples this fall? You better believe we have a blog for that!

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Nothing says fall more than a soft sweater, a warm cup of cannabis-infused tea, and a cozy blanket.

And that’s what the Danish word ‘hygge’ is all about. 

Hygge is a word used to describe the Art of Happiness by creating warmth, coziness, and the nurturing of a general wellbeing.

Next time you have a cozy night in inspired by hygge, stop by our dispensary first and stock up on strains that’ll help you relax the way you want to!

Doctors Orders - Doctors Orders blogs - fall blogs

It’s the pumpkin-spice-falling-leaves-cozy-blanket-weird-weather season, and we have the perfect cannabis strains and flavors to keep you chilled out during fall.

We have to admit, these cannabis strains are great year-round.

But there’s just something about enjoying a harvest apple flavored cannabis edible in the middle of fall, don’t you think?

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You can go on these dates any time of the year.

But if you want to have a breakfast wake-n-bake, then go into nature, and then come home for a movie night, there’s no better time than fall.

Don’t forget to take your ganja babe on a date to our dispensary sometime! We’d love to meet them!

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Even though Halloween is over, it’s never a bad time to start preparing for next year’s Halloween!

And if you’re a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, this blog totally still applies.

With strains like Nightshade, Phantom Crack, and Alien Rock, the spooky vibes will be in full swing.

What’s your favorite thing about fall? Is it Halloween? The falling leaves? Thanksgiving? The ‘hygge’-y vibes? Let us know in the comments section below!