The Meaning of 710: Find Out What the True Cannabis Connoisseurs Are Celebrating

We all celebrated 4/20 on April 20th, but how many of you knew that it wasn’t the only cannabis holiday this year? That’s right, folks! You now have another reason to celebrate your favorite plant on the planet.

The Meaning of 710

The meaning of 710 is to celebrate and refer to a specific sect of cannabis culture, which is cannabis concentrates! Oil, wax, extract…whatever you want to call it, the official unofficial holiday to celebrate cannabis concentrates is on July 10th (7/10)! You may be asking, why 710? What’s the meaning of 710 itself? If you take those numbers and turn them upside down and backward, 710 actually looks a lot like the word OIL. Pretty cool, huh?

While no one knows exactly how the holiday came to be, stories have circulated throughout the industry about a man who calls himself Taskrok from Highly Educated. Many look to him after a TinyChat broadcast where him, Healthstone, and and the guys from BeeHiveOil Clothing Company were talking about 4:20. They all wished there was a better time to take dabs since 4:20 seemed to be very flower-oriented. TaskRok had a light bulb moment that he didn’t yet anticipate would change cannabis culture forever. He suggested 7:10 because he realized it had spelled ‘oil’ backward and upside down. After his stroke of genius that he shared with BeeHiveOil and Healthstone, TaskRok made a public comment about it, making his intentions about ownership clear, “I don’t want to try to own it though. It belongs to the community now.”

Whether this is the true origin story or not, TaskRok is known as a true modern hero of the cannabis industry.

meaning of 710 - doctors orders blog
meaning of 710 - doctors orders blog

What’s so great about cannabis concentrates?

Whether you’re dabbing, vaping, or infusing into an edible, concentrates’ popularity is on the rise. People everywhere are seeking out this potent cannabis consumption method because of its strong high, the ease of consuming, and a flavorful experience. The meaning of 710 is to celebrate this entire consumption method as its own entity because it deserves more than just a category in 420’s expanse of coverage in the industry.

As the name suggests, cannabis concentrates are heavily concentrated versions of the flower we know and love. The THC levels in concentrates usually range around 70%-90% which is much higher than what you’ll find in flower. That’s why people who typically are more advanced users turn to cannabis concentrates. Beginners and novices are welcome to try this method as long as they’re prepared for the steep incline in potency compared to what they’re used to.

The countless extraction methods are part of what differentiates each kind of cannabis concentrate from another. For example, live resin is extracted after flash freezing flower to preserve the live plant. And butane hash oil is extracted with butane as a solvent. Besides the potent effects, people love concentrates because of the blast of flavor, otherwise known as terpenes. Terpenes are the natural organic compounds produced by cannabis that give each strain their distinct flavor, and sometimes even their medicinal benefits.

If you imagine the flower you’ve smoked before, amplify the effects, flavors, and experience, that’s what you’ll find in cannabis concentrates. That’s why the cannabis concentrate community is so passionate about their love for concentrates. People who love concentrates LOVE concentrates and it’s for a good reason. Not only is a concentrate high an amazing experience, but the community of concentrate users are supportive, loving, and welcoming of newcomers in their circle.

Where can I find cannabis concentrates to celebrate 710?

You have a couple options. The first is to buy your concentrates on the black market, which may be easier on the wallet. But you compromise quality, purity, and your own safety. Weigh the pros and cons, people. Your next option is to visit a dispensary. At the best shops in Sacramento, you can find a wide variety of concentrates with differing potencies, terpene profiles, and consumption methods.

At Doctor’s Orders, we typically carry only the finest cannabis concentrates and their associated accessories. Feel free to call us in advance or check out our online menu if you’re ever curious about a certain brand or product and want to see if we have it in stock.

meaning of 710 - doctors orders blog

7/10 (July 10th) is a beloved holiday for cannabis connoisseurs everywhere because it includes two of their favorite things. Cannabis concentrates, and sunshine-y summertime! Have an amazing 710 and celebrate in style this summer!