5 Scary Movies to Watch While High

The leaves are falling from the trees, the weather is getting chillier, and witches are streaking across the sky on their broomsticks…

Okay, maybe the last one isn’t actually happening, but Halloween is afoot, which means that your epic scary movie stoner fest is right around the corner!

We wanted to recommend some of the best scary movies to watch while high by someone who knows horror and weed both very well.

scary movies to watch while high - Doctors orders blog
scary movies to watch while high - doctors orders blog

Erick Gabriel writes for the horror review page iHorror, chronicles his own horror-ific reviews of movies, TV shows, and events, and is a self-proclaimed pop culture slut.

That being said, I reached out to him knowing that he’d deliver the trippiest, most blood-curdling, and funniest recommendations for the best scary movies to watch while high.


1. Puppet Master (1989)

Puppets are objectively creepy.

However, Erick seems to have a different point of view: “You can’t go wrong with killer dolls. Especially one that vomits killer leeches.”

If you’re still on board, chances are, this will have to be on your list of scary movies to watch while high.

This film by David Schmoeller features a band of possessed killer marionettes hunting a group of psychics who are in turn trying to get rid of the dolls to save themselves and the others.

The menacing puppets are as creepy as they sound, and the performance makes for a captivating and campy cult classic.

2. Dead Alive (1993)


Need some comic relief after those leech-purging puppets?

This story revolves around a mama’s boy and his overprotective mama who follows him on a date to the zoo with a girl.

Mom ends up getting a bite from a “Sumatran Rat Monkey” which transforms her into a feral, flesh-eating zombie.

This hilariously gory “splatstick” horror film unfolds as the son attempts (unsuccessfully) to hide his zombie mom from the rest of world because he doesn’t quite have the heart to chop his mom into a million pieces.

Erick’s comment about Dead Alive made me want to watch this flick ASAP: “Zombie sex and comedic relief make this one of Peter Jackson’s forgotten classics.”

3. High Tension (2005)

This thrilling and terrifying horror movie is known to be super intense, so watching this stoned will be a true adventure and easily makes the list for the best scary movies to watch while high.

Erick, our go-to horror buff, reminisces that this flick has “a twist that will literally make you say WTF.”

Two best friends, Marie and Alexia, spend a weekend at Alexia’s parents’ secluded house to prepare for finals, but the weekend takes a dark and gory turn.

This clever film is sure to rock your world.

4. Cabin in the Woods (2012)

This gory and clever horror flick takes the classic “friends go camping in the woods” horror story and gives it a seriously refreshing twist.

Its self-aware plot makes it as much of an entertaining classic horror picture as a clever and insightful comment on the genre itself.

This is one of the best scary movies to watch while high because it’s one of the few horror films that will make you think about philosophy and pop culture, make you chuckle at its ironic humor, and, “One of the friends is a major stoner who def gives off some Shaggy from Scooby Doo vibes,” Erick comments, “Great twist with enough gore and jokes to make it a cult favorite.

5. The Others (2001)

This slow-paced movie sets an atmospheric, creepy, and elegant tone that sets up for an unforgettable climax that makes it one of the best scary movies to watch while high.

Set in the final days of World War II, a mom and her children live in a beautiful and huge Victorian style mansion.

Strange things start to happen, mysterious intruders find their way into her property, and mom is forced to dabble in the supernatural to discover the truth and to protect her children.

Erick comments about the memorable Alejandro Amenábar film, “A slow burner starring Nicole Kidman about a family in a haunted house. The ending will have you SHOOK.


scary movies to watch while high - doctors orders blog

Want to go deeper into the fascinating and dynamic world of horror? Check out Erick Gabriel’s social media pages for more exciting reviews and recommendations!

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And for all of your stoner movie night necessities, we’ve got you covered!

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Happy almost Halloween!

Which of these movies are you most excited to watch? Let us know in the comments section below!