6 of the Funniest Weed Reviews on Weedmaps

Sometimes, reading the weed reviews on the products we sell makes us laugh harder than a good sativa.

As people who work in the best dispensary in Sacramento, we spend a lot of time on Weedmaps.

So without further ado, here are some of the funniest weed reviews from Weedmaps on the products we have in stock right now.

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*Fire emoji* *Peanut emoji*

piped my girl after we hit this and i made her nut before i did, made it clap like thunderabout Stiiizy – Do-Si-Dos Premium THC POD

There’s pipes… there’s nuts… there’s thunder. Huh. Wonder what he’s talking about. Anyways, this product must be pretty good to deserve a five-star review.

Best vape city

[…] This thing is like if Cheech and Chong went to the future and broke the order of our galaxy because it’s such a game changer.about Moxie x Dart battery Gold

If you were looking for the ultimate stoner review, this has to be it. The only thing that would make it better is if Cheech and Chong went to White Castle afterward.

Doctors Orders - Doctors Orders blogs - weed reviews

Destructive Hybrid

Took over my mind, and then told me to buy more Korova 1/8ths.about Korova – Malibu Deadbeat, 3.5 g

Mind control! This review speaks to just how mind-bending this indica-dominant strain really is.

Like a metaphorical shot of espresso!

Do I have a flashing orange light in the middle of my forehead? I do now- because the Cali Citrus buzz that is emanating from the center of my mind is marvelous to say the very least. […]about DomPen – California Citrus Sativa

The beginning of this five-star review is talking about the radiant California Citrus Sativa vape pen that apparently activates the crown chakra. The more you know!

Doctors Orders - Doctors Orders blogs - weed reviews

perfect blend

love this strain! definitely keeps you focused in either work or a workout! i smoke on the job, so i be smokin grass while cutting grass! leaving the customer and i satisfiedabout Kurvana – Northern Lights from ASCND line

Employee of the month right here! You gotta love the ambition of a motivated employee…

This most recent batch AAA+++

Super clean, super potent, tastes like the Italian countryside.about Stiiizy – Biscotti Premium THC POD

We’re not exactly sure what the Italian countryside actually tastes like but you can probably experience it yourself with this pod?

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