Why Buying Cannabis From Your Budtender Is Better Than Buying From A Dealer

January 1st, 2018 was a historic day for California’s iconic cannabis culture. That culture went full mainstream with the legalization of recreational marijuana. The implementation of Proposition 64 ushered in high expectations for the Golden State: a new legalized market spanning a huge customer base, spawning new opportunities for jobs, businesses, social programs and tax revenue.

Unfortunately, these high expectations are starting to dwindle due to a new reality: the black market is thriving more than ever post-legalization.

Experts believe that this may be due to the increase in taxes on marijuana products sold at dispensaries and stores across the state.

Reports suggest that people are consumers may be turning to black market dealers rather than licensed dispensaries and storefronts for their bud.

Many people may be experiencing sticker shock — and considering going to dealers for a cheaper alternative.

But before doing so, there are some important caveats to consider about buying from a dealer rather than a licensed budtender.

Here are three reasons why it’s better to buy your cannabis products from a budtender rather than a dealer on the street.

Budtenders sell cannabis that is licensed, regulated, and quality-controlled

The first advantage that you have when buying from a budtender is that you are buying a product that will not compromise your health and safety.

With taxes, bud at the dispensary can cost more — but it comes with the guarantee that your marijuana is quality-tested. Licensed cannabis products are tested for toxins, chemicals, and other harmful substances. It’s all to protect you, the consumer.

If you buy weed from somebody on the street, you put yourself at risk of purchasing a product that is untested, unregulated, and not held to any consumer health standards.

Budtenders are trained to know the products that they are selling. Dealers don’t have to account for what they sell to consumers. Which brings us to our next reason for why you should avoid black market weed.

budtender - doctors orders blog
budtender - doctors orders blog

Budtenders are trustworthy, safe, and consistent

Budtenders are trained to serve as specialists that know the ins and outs of every strain and product.

They offer customers and patients a personalized, one-on-one service where they talk to patients and customers to understand them on an intimate level, connecting them to the right strain and product that best suits the customer’s need. You know exactly what you’re getting, there are no surprises.

With dealers, you don’t know what you’re getting. The black market doesn’t play by any rules. And your dealer isn’t a trained service professional that has to abide by state standards.

Buying from budtenders helps support local jobs, businesses, and the community

When you buy off of the street, you don’t know where your money is actually going. When you buy from a budtender, you are purchasing a product that helps fund your local community. Everything from the budtender’s salary to the business owner, to the farmer, and even your local economy.

Legalized cannabis sales aim to benefit local jobs and enterprises as well as social programs through tax revenue. It’s no secret that black market weed is a huge source of income for illicit groups such as criminals, gangs, drug traffickers, and even cartel networks.

Although we may not think about it, every transaction contributes to the environment that we live in. When you buy cannabis at a licensed shop or dispensary, you are indirectly contributing to the employees of the store, the business owners, and the local economy. Your tax dollars are also going to support social programs and cannabis research.

With black market? Well…there’s no telling where your money goes. Sure, some of it could go to the small farmer up in Mendocino. It may also be pocketed by criminal networks. There’s no way of knowing what your purchase may be funding.

budtender - doctors orders blog

Where you buy your cannabis from makes all the difference

We all know that the lower price point is king.

But with the advent of new taxes at both the state and county level, it’s no surprise that the allure of black market weed is there. But you should consider the risks that you are taking when you buy off of the street.

When you buy from budtenders, you are buying cannabis that is safe, consistent, and quality-tested. Your well-spent money will also contribute to your local community by funding jobs, small business owners, and social programs.

Do you have any reasons to share for why you prefer buying legal cannabis from a licensed budtender? Let us know in the comments!