F***, Party, Pizza: Why Do People Smoke Weed? (In 3 Words or Less)

As cannabis is explored more and more in society and in science, we’re all collectively realizing that there are so many ways to use cannabis and so many reasons to decide to use it or not. The answer to the question “Why do people smoke weed?” isn’t as simple as it used to be.

I asked friends, family members, coworkers, acquaintances…basically everyone and their mamas, in an attempt to find out the answer to that ever-changing question: Why do people smoke weed?

So, I reached out through social media and other digital platforms and asked them to tell me why they smoke.

But there was a catch.

I required that their answer be three words or less.

It’s easy to go on a long-winded tangent about all of the medical benefits, how fun it is to be high, and everything in between.

But this was my attempt to really boil it down and get to the root of everyone’s reasoning.

With the limit of three words, you find out what’s really important to people.

I chose to keep these people anonymous so that they can feel free to candidly speak their mind without feeling like their reputation is jeopardized. Unfortunately, the stigma attached to cannabis and cannabis users is still very much a thing.

I chose to include their ages to show that not only do adults of all ages use cannabis, but you may be surprised to learn that their answers aren’t all that different from each other.

The responses I received are hilarious, deep, surprising, beautiful, sad, relatable, and downright poetic.

why do people smoke weed - doctors orders blog

1. “It’s me time.” –Y.Z. Age 24

2. “Anti-psychotic, mood stabilizer.” –C.S., Age 38

3. “Introspective perspective refresher.” –L.H., Age 23

4. “Aches and pains.” –D.K. Age 60

5. “Because migraines suck.” –C.M. Age 29

6. “Toddlers are assholes.” –A.B. Age 23

7. “Scoliosis and anxiety.” –J.W. Age 20

8. “Decompression, sleep, socializing.” –R.K. Age 30

9. “Better than prescriptions.” – K.D. Age 23

why do people smoke weed - doctors orders blog

10. “Source of inspiration.” –N.M. Age 24

11. “Stress-reducer, relaxation, creativity-inducer.” –M.H. Age 54

12. “To experience calm.” –K.H. Age 20

13. “Autism, Asperger’s, boys.” –M.O. Age 35

14. “It is entertaining.” –A.G. Age 23

15. “Bad hair days.” –G.P. Age 39

16. “Awake too long.” –R.R. Age 26

17. “Because it’s legal.” –E.S. Age 29

why do people smoke weed - doctors orders blog

18. “Fuck, party, pizza.” –A.W. Age 24

19. “To get high.” –K.G. Age 30

20. “It’s refreshing.” –O.I. Age 24

21. “Eat, relax, party.” –K.J. Age 27

22. “Anxiety, depression, insomnia.” –K.B. Age 30

23. “Change the feeling.” –G.A. Age 23

24. “Deal with life.” –B.Z. Age 42

25. “Relaxation, focus, fun.” –P.H. Age 53

why do people smoke weed - doctors orders blog

26. “Internal conflict resolution.” –A.R. Age 24

27. “Gives me giggles.” –Z.Z. Age 24

28. “Fast pain relief.” –S.O. Age 61

29. “Weed over pills.” –A.V. Age 25

30. “Surpass my stress.” –M.J. Age 24

31. “Jah vibes mon.” –C.S. Age 25

32. “Changes mood positively.” –N.K. Age 22

33. “Medicine.” A.M. Age 34

34. “Peace of mind.” –T.S. Age 23

why do people smoke weed - doctors orders blog

35. “For the culture.” –D.B. Age 27

36. “It calms me.” –E.M. Age 24

37. “No hangover buzz.” –J.B. Age 26

38. “Just to relax.” –M.R. Age 31

39. “Food tastes better.” –H.M. Age 24

40. “Sleep.” –C.E. Age 36

41. “Sleep.” –D.V. Age 35

42. “Because why not?” –L.N. Age 29

43. “Happiness, pain-relief, peace.” –A.B. Age 25

why do people smoke weed - doctors orders blog

44. “Pain, anxiety, depression.” –J.V. Age 46

45. “To feel young(er).” –J.R. Age 23

46. “Relieves muscle spasticity.” –J.K. Age 32

47. “Makes life enjoyable.” –K.A. Age 30

48. “For the cure.” –I.Y. Age 40

49. “Peace, time, freedom.” –J.P. Age 27

50. “Habitual, comfort, shazam.” –E.V. Age 52

I chose to keep their initials on this blog, instead of leaving them completely anonymous, to maintain an element of speculation.

You may know these people, you may not.

They might be close to you, they might not.

They might be your neighbors, your family members, your coworkers…

Or they might not.

The point is, cannabis isn’t just for “potheads” anymore. People from all walks of life are utilizing this multi-faceted plant and you may never know.

With their ages included, you can see that the answer to “why do people smoke weed” isn’t obviously different across generations. Can we conclude that cannabis transcends generations?

At the end of the day, we’re all trying to make something better. To either make our physical wellbeing better by treating pain, make our mental wellbeing better by relaxing and having fun, or to make our spiritual wellbeing better by opening our mind to a new perspective.

People in every culture, background, and lifestyle can benefit from bettering ourselves and our lives.

That’s why this stigma against cannabis has got to go.

Who’s with me?

Now it’s your turn to help me get to the root of the question “why do people smoke weed?”

Why do you smoke weed?

Even if you don’t smoke it, but instead you vape it, eat it, infuse it, whatever you do, why do you love cannabis? Leave a comment below and let us know!

P.S. Should we do another three-word challenge? If so, what should the new question be? Comment below…