4 Signs That You’re Worrying Too Much (& What To Do About It)

Stress is bad for your health.

We know this, and yet, some of us find ourselves in patterns of self-sabotage and over-analyzing due to stress.

A little bit of stress is good, and actually healthy for our survival. It puts a fire under our butts to make important life moves that usually end up changing our lives for the better.

But dwelling too much on stress can be detrimental to your happiness and your health. Here are just a few signs you may be worrying too much, and what you can do about it.

1. You always assume the worst.

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It’s good to be cautious with your optimism, but when you’re expecting the worst out of every situation, you may be worrying too much.

This can put a strain on your relationships, the way you see the world, and the way you see yourself.

There’s a fine line between being realistic and being consistently pessimistic.

What to do about it: Try this exercise. Visualize the situation that you’re about to put yourself in. For example, maybe you’re nervous about a job interview. Start by doing what you’re used to – visualizing the worst-case scenario. You totally botch it, trip over your words, and realize you have spinach in your teeth at the end. Then visualize the best-case scenario. You and your interviewer become best friends and they hire you on the spot, giving you an immediate starting salary increase because you’re just so awesome. Then visualize the funniest scenario. You walk in and your interviewer has their feet on the table, getting a pedicure from one of their employees and they tell you they’ll invite you to their condo in Florida if you’re a “good boy”. Then tell yourself that it’s likely that none of these situations will happen, and try to imagine a realistic version of what might happen.

Or, change your perspective by microdosing with cannabis. Experimenting with a strain that can help you relax and see the good in people and events can significantly help the way you interact with the world around you.

2. You can’t fall asleep.

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If your mind won’t turn off at night, it’s possible that you may be worrying too much.

And if you’re not sleeping, it’ll probably make you less emotionally grounded during the day, which will probably stress you out even more. And the cycle continues.

What to do about it: If you can’t sleep, you can’t sleep. There’s no point in tossing and turning. Instead, get out of bed, and do something else that’ll get your mind off of…well, your own mind. Read a book, brew yourself some (non-caffeinated!) tea, or try some easy yoga poses.

Or, try using cannabis! There’s a strain called Lights Out by Kolas that is literally designed to help even the worst insomniacs get to sleep. We usually have it in stock, so come and visit us at Doctor’s Orders and ask a budtender about Lights Out!

3. You spend a lot of time thinking about the past and agonizing about the future.

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When you obsess about the past or worry constantly about the future, you’re not leaving a whole lot of room for the present, and that’s a sign you may be worrying too much.

What to do about it: Meditation is literally the practice of experiencing the present moment with no distractions. But, meditation is so much harder than it looks. Luckily, there are tons of tips for beginners on how to get started.

If you need a little extra boost to help keep your mind relaxed, focused, and chilled, we recommend giving cannabis a try. Certain strains have been known to help inspire a greater appreciation for the present moment while helping to keep anxieties and toxic thoughts at bay.

4. You obsess and overanalyze little comments that are made about you by insignificant people.

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If you wouldn’t seek advice from this person, why would you take their criticisms to heart?

People love to talk their smack. And if they’re saying things about you behind your back, it says everything about their own insecurities and very little to do with who you actually are.

If this person didn’t take the time to get to know you or give you the benefit of the doubt before running their mouth, their petty comments mean nothing.

But if the things they say consume your mind, there’s a high chance you may be worrying too much.

What to do about it: Put your middle finger up to the haters, and just keep doing you, boo.

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